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Are Electronic Cigarettes safe?
Many people find that the Electronic Cigarette is a great alternative to tobacco smoking. The nicotine juice that is vaporized has no products of combustion, just nicotine and the other ingredients mentioned. The vapor that is produced from the electronic cigarette normally contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine (optional), and flavoring. Electronic cigarettes are not FDA approved.
Who should use electronic cigarettes?
Smokers over 18 who are interested in improving their health or decreasing their dependency on nicotine.
What are e cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking tobacco products. They are electronic devices, which produce a vapor that MAY contain nicotine. They provide a way of satisfying nicotine cravings that is more similar to actually smoking than other methods; but without the other carcinogens and toxic chemicals that smoke contains.
Electronic cigarettes are also called personal vaporizers (PVs).  Larger and more high powered models are referred to as “mods”.  The liquid that e-cigarettes use is called e-liquid or e-juice. E-liquid comes in a huge variety of flavors and it also comes in differing strengths of nicotine.
How do e cigarettes work?
All e cigs have a rechargeable battery, an atomizer that is powered by the battery, and a cartridge that holds liquid for producing vapor. In some models the atomizer and cartridge are combined into one component called a “cartomizer”.
The e cigarette’s atomizer turns the liquid into vapor inhaled like the smoke from a regular cigarette. There are two major types of e cig: automatic and manual. In an automatic, the atomizer is activated when the user draws air through the ecigarette and vapor is produced in a way that mimics smoking a cigarette.
Manual versions activate the atomizer when a button on the side of the battery is pressed and vapor is produced.
The main ingredient that produces the vapor is the same as in some medical inhalers. e-liquids can have many flavors as well as various strengths of nicotine (including nicotine-free for those looking to kick their dependency on nicotine completely).
Why should I use an e cigarette?
E cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The idea is to obtain the nicotine through a vapor mist with a few well-known ingredients that are all approved for human consumption instead of inhaling chemical filled toxic smoke.  For many, e-cigarettes provide a way of satisfying nicotine cravings in a very much less harmful way than smoking.  Many people use special programs for reducing their dependency on nicotine and quit smoking entirely.
What do I need to buy?
This is all you need
For 2-piece systems : 2 batteries, 5 cartomizer, a bottle of refill liquid, and a charger.
For 3-piece systems: 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 5 cartridges, a bottle of refill liquid, charger.
It’s wise to have spares for all components because it can take a while to buy and have new parts delivered.  Experienced users have many spares because they don’t want to be in a situation where a vital part fails and they have no backup.
What e liquids should I get?
There are probably several thousand liquid recipes on sale now.
It is best to get a selection of different types and flavors of refill, because it’s impossible to tell what you will like or dislike. For example, smokers who never smoked menthol cigarettes may well like menthol liquid in an e-cig, as it is different from smoking cigs in many ways.
Ask your Palm Beach Vapors mixologist which flavors are the most popular?  They will be happy to help.
How much liquid will I need?
The standard size bottle of e juice contains about 30ml.  Many people try smaller bottles of e liquids when they haven’t tried the specific flavor yet.  Smaller bottles of e juice come in both 10 ml and 5 ml sizes.
An average user consumes between 2ml and 3ml per day. Heavy users can go through 5ml a day or more. A good guideline is that 2.5ml of liquid equals 20 cigarettes, 1 standard cartomizer (KR8) = 6 cigarettes, 1 standard cartridge (510) = 4 cigarettes.
Can I save money compared with smoking?
Yes, most of the time you can save money by using e cigarettes instead of normal cigarettes.
But, the main benefit by using e cigarettes instead of normal cigarettes is that you can avoid exposing yourself to more than 5300 chemicals; many of them cancer causing.
Figuring a pack a day smoker might go though from $.25 to $.36 worth of e juice a day. The average daily cost for hardware is less than $1.00 (assuming a hardware cost spread across 2 months).  So the total dollar amount used for a one pack a day smoker would be between $1.25 and $1.36 per day; much cheaper than one pack of cigarettes.
What is an e cig made of?
Standard electronic cigarettes normally come in 2-piece or 3-piece formats. The 2-piece models have a battery  and a cartomizer. The 3-piece models have a battery,  an atomizer,  and a cartridge. Since e cigarettes have a Li-ion (lithium ion) rechargeable battery (3.7 volts), a dedicated charger is needed.
What is the difference between PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycol) liquid?
The benchmark liquid is PG-based and is entirely suitable for most people. Most liquids have a percentage of VG as well, as it adds to the vapor volume. PG tends to deliver more ‘throat hit’, though VG gives a little more vapor. PG is slightly ‘hotter’, VG is slightly ‘cooler’ and sweeter. Some prefer an all-VG liquid though, and some need to use it due to a sensitivity to PG.
Where should I store my e cig and e juice?
You should store your e-liquid in a cool, dark place as it may be affected by light and warmth. The most common base component, PG, is actually a bactericide and virucide so it doesn’t usually suffer from degradation, but other components such as VG and flavoring might.   If your e liquid contains nicotine the nicotine will be degraded by exposure to light and air.  Do not expose e-liquid to daylight and especially direct sunlight for long, try to minimize the time it is out of the dark storage area.
All materials MUST be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Concentrated nicotine is a dangerous poison and must be treated as such.
Can I use the Electronic Cigarette for smoking cessation?
While e cigarettes have not been approved for smoking cessation by the FDA many people have claimed to switch to e cigarettes entirely.  Additionally, you can easily adjust and decrease the amount of nicotine in your e juice.
What is a cartridge?
A cartridge is a refillable plastic container that stores the e juice used in the e cigarette.  The cartridges can be refilled using e liquid.  The e juice may or may not contain nicotine and is available in different strengths and various flavors.
How do I know when to refill or replace my cartridge?
You should replace the cartridge when the vapor released by your electronic cigarette is reduced. This is usually an indication that the e juice in the cartridge is running low. It is possible that if your battery is low, the vapor produced will be diminished.
How long does the battery last?
Batteries may last anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours, depending on use. If you are using it very frequently it will last less.
How much nicotine is in each puff?
It depends on the strength of the liquid, how hard and deep you pull, the charge of the battery, and the condition of the atomizer. The easy way to change if you are getting too much or too little nicotine, is to go up or down a step in the nicotine levels in the e juice.
When do I need to refill the cartridge?
When you notice a reduction in the vapor created you probably need to refill the cartridge.  Refilling the cartridge is easy and your Palm Beach Vapor mixologist will be happy to show you.
I just changed flavors and can still taste the old flavor when I vape. How do I keep this from happening?
If it is possible please change cartridges when changing flavors.  If this isn’t possible then rinse your cartridge thoroughly with warm water and wipe away any residue of the previous e juice.  Next, remove your atomizer and blow, from the small end, through it and onto a napkin or paper towel. Do not use canned air, as this can ruin the atomizer. Tapping the atomizer lightly on the paper towel also works well for getting remnants out of the atomizer. Then, ‘prime’ the atomizer by dropping 1-2 drops of the new flavor onto the atomizer. Insert a cartridge full of the new flavor, and you are ready!
How will modifications I make to my e cig affect its performance?
The 3 piece or more e cigarettes can be modified in many different ways.  These modification can have different affects on the smoker’s experience.  Some modifications may increase the flavor and other modifications may extend battery life.  Keep in mind that modifying premade e cigarettes will void their warranty.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the Checkout page where you will be offered Shipping Method choices and their prices.
Where Does Palm Beach Vapors Ship To?
Currently Palm Beach Vapors will only ship within the United States as well as Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
Is there an odor when using the electronic cigarette?
The only odors are scents related to the flavor you’re smoking.  For example, if you are using watermelon flavor, you may smell a watermelon scent.
Should I Leave My Battery Charging Overnight?
NEVER leave a battery charging UNATTENDED!  Removing your electronic cigarette battery from the charger as soon as its light turns green will dramatically increase the lifespan of your battery.